400 Followers on Facebook!

Hello There!!!

I am very excited that PartyPapzz has crossed 400 followers.  It may seem like a small number, but its significant considering there were No promotion and No Marketing what so ever.

I Gaze, I Imagine and I create


I owe this milestone to friends & family who supported me when  I wanted to give up and encouraged me to do better.

I wanted to celebrate this success and share a little insight into my journey.

I entered taking photos when life was stressful and needed an outlet to de-stress. I always believe that  I am artistically impaired, hence I could never sow, paint or do other girly things. Photography seemed very intriguing as it was quick and produced faster results. I realized over time that I was so wrong.

Over the time I have learned that every photo needs some thought process, Imagination, planning, and vision. I look back at my own images now and critique them endlessly. My goal is improving – one picture at a time. I am in no rush for recognition.

I see PartyPapzz as an opportunity to explore myself as an artist and all of you have been an important part of that. I thank you all wholeheartedly.

Yep, I am an artist without messy hands.

P.S: You probably never noticed, my page says Art and not Photographer. It is not my profession, it’s my attempt at being an artist.

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